Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello. I made this blog just so I can post my art. Though I am not sure if I can post everyday since I am busy with school as well.

Let me introduce myself:
I am Rin Collyer. Right now I am 17 years old but I'd turn 18 on May. I am a college student taking up Animation. I love drawing, eating, lazing around and stuff. I am pretty much weird as people say (I've noticed as well) but what the hell? Everyone's weird. I dont like being forced into anything. I am a stubborn person. I am also what you call happy-go-lucky. yeah~ I dont really go with the flow that much 'cause that's not interesting. I love making friends though I tend to go antisocial. In reality, I am the shy type but there are those times that I get really confident. But I'm still shy. I dont really care if the things I do are embarrassing for others, I love doing those things. Whatever they are. lol. I uh, uhm, I am really REALLY lazy. I dont know why. I really want to change already but the laziness is too strong that it's pulling my will to change. I hate it. I love eating. I love eating more than anything in this world. I get hungry all the time. What? I cant help it. Uhh.. what else? I ran out of things to put so that is all for now.

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