Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

La La Land

FINALLY! The end of April, the end of the ever fuckin' term. WOOH. Succesfully survived and submitted ALL my plates (what a shocker O_O) Now, all I have to do is pray to God that I pass all of those subjects. Ugh, I think I hated this term most so far out of all that I have had. I mean, THAT was one long term. And boy oh boy, I DO NOT EVER want to cram again. I dont like th feeling of pressure and not resting. For the past few days, I have had less sleep, I have been showered by heavy rain and all that shit. I have had mini fights with some of my friends because of stress. I have really been supressing myself this week. People are ANNOYING AS FUCK. I mean, i've been holding it all in. Like, some of my classmates being as stupid as ever. But I'm cool, even though I'm really brassed off already, I kept myself shut. lol. Well, there was a point where I almost shouted. ugh. anyway, I do not like this term. Many things happened, like that stupidity Bien and I did. Pouring all our feelings out in facebook chat (was about the professor) only to realise that HE was tagged there. HUHU. Stupid, ignorant us. Anyway, I hope we're fogiven. I'm really tired right now, and tomorrow I have to go to Aileen's party so.. ta ta.