Saturday, May 1, 2010

La La Land

FINALLY! The end of April, the end of the ever fuckin' term. WOOH. Succesfully survived and submitted ALL my plates (what a shocker O_O) Now, all I have to do is pray to God that I pass all of those subjects. Ugh, I think I hated this term most so far out of all that I have had. I mean, THAT was one long term. And boy oh boy, I DO NOT EVER want to cram again. I dont like th feeling of pressure and not resting. For the past few days, I have had less sleep, I have been showered by heavy rain and all that shit. I have had mini fights with some of my friends because of stress. I have really been supressing myself this week. People are ANNOYING AS FUCK. I mean, i've been holding it all in. Like, some of my classmates being as stupid as ever. But I'm cool, even though I'm really brassed off already, I kept myself shut. lol. Well, there was a point where I almost shouted. ugh. anyway, I do not like this term. Many things happened, like that stupidity Bien and I did. Pouring all our feelings out in facebook chat (was about the professor) only to realise that HE was tagged there. HUHU. Stupid, ignorant us. Anyway, I hope we're fogiven. I'm really tired right now, and tomorrow I have to go to Aileen's party so.. ta ta.

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