Friday, November 5, 2010

Comgrap stuff

I can't believe I'm repeating comgrap again :\ Anyway, I like this one better though my classmates are the 3rd batch. Well, it's good to see the faces of the third batch. I only know one person there. Here is what our professor, the lovely Miss Kenny Tai, had us do aside from the midterm project which I didn't get to finish. :\ The theme for the midterm exams that we had a while ago was HALLOWEEN :D Make a poster, gift wrap and an invitation card. Here are mine. :D

Gift wrapper



I quite like them. Happy Halloween :D


Eunice said...

Parang ang saya naman niyan! :D

di katulad ng kay Sir Patrick, wala masyado matutunan sa COMGRAP :/

rincollyer said...

OO pero mejo hassle din. Ang dami na pinapagawa :)) Pero mas type ko to kesa kay pat-ass.